Why Choose Us?

Your site will be custom made and unique

You can go to countless sites online and purchase a pre-made template for much less (or not) and be closer to having your own site up and running.  However, how many other people are proudly presenting the exact same site?  If you have a vision of how you would like things to look (colors, layout, graphics, etc), we can put it together and make the vision a reality. More importantly, it's your own, original vision, not the pre-made cookie cutter edition.


We care about our customers

That's a commonly used term, but let me go further in explaining that statement. We want to make sure that the site we create is to your satisfaction, that it resembles something you had envisioned and does the job. We also have no intentions to whip up a quick site, collect the money and run for it. We will handle ongoing minor changes, check up on the site's activity, and continually look for ways to improve search results and the site's efficiency. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big deal these days and we will do our best in ensuring your site moves up in the rankings.


Design and hosting services - A winning combination

We can design a site for you no matter what web hosting service you may use. However, ideally, we can host the site for you. The reason it is ideal is not for the sake of more money in our pockets, but for the fact that it is most convenient for us to set up, edit, and monitor the site. It's also one less hassle and company you have to deal with. We can register your domain, set up your web hosting account and start working on your site on day one of our agreement.


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